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Build to Your Exit Planning

A Different Way to Plan! We help you plan to leave the business - whether by asset sale, merger & acquisition, retirement, transition or other interests. 

Build to Your Exit guides you through long-term planning with short-term Action Steps. What's our secret sauce? The Scale-Up Trifecta:

Premium Members $59.99/Month Includes:

    • 4 Training Events Per Month     
    • Coaching Account
    • Focus Group Participation

Non-Members* (Patron or Register Only) $20.00/Event 

    • Includes 1 Training Event as 

Business Tracks are Training Segments with Industry Focused Content

Action Steps Move you from Training and Planning to Implementation

Peer Groups Hold You Accountable to Your Plan


Philosophy - Planning for The Whole Business: Working "On" the Business

Focus Get In Where You Fit In: From Startups to Growth Stage Businesses

Journey - Successful Transition: Build Your Business with the End in Mind

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are just beginning your business journey, have moved into the development or growth stage, or have begun to explore your exit plan - Build to Your Exit helps you put your plan in motion.

How Does This Work:

You do not have to be a Member to register for the Training Conferences (Events), however only Members have access to the Digital Coach and Peer Groups. Non-Members can Register for individual Training Events Directly at our Crowdcast channel.

Average Time Commitment: About 3.5 Hours/Week           Learn More:    Membership    /    Non-Membership

Training / Events

(2 hours/week)

Part 1 - Conferences 

Each week members are guided through strategies relevant to their Business Track. The Training Events help  build roadmaps for short and long term exit planning.

Action / Coaching

(20 minutes/week)

Part 2 - Digital Coach 

An "electronic notebook" with guided Action Steps to build on the Training Events. The Digital Coach helps to keep you on track and accountable to your desired outcomes and goals.

Sharing / Accountability

(30 minutes/week)

Part 3 - Peer Groups

Share problems and solutions with your Peer Group through guided activities designed to fosters lessons learned. Peer Groups are based on Business Tracks for relevance and operate like accountability partners.

Build To Your Exit Coaching Program

Event Registration

Build to Your Exit Replays

When you can't join the training sessions live - coaching continues through the next best thing - Replay.

When you Register for the live training sessions on Crowdcast:

    • You have access to each registered Event for 30 days

    • Visit your "Joined Events" in Crowdcast to access the "Replay"
    • After 30 days, access is by subscription to the Capital Coach Video Gallery

Exit Planning

Download PDF

Former Investment Banker, Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist, and Business Broker
Exit Planning Skillsets You Will Learn
Steps to get ready for a smooth transition.
Exit Strategies You Will Better Understand
Statistical Norms for Exit Planning
Build to Your Exit Steps to Take for a Better Understanding
Long-Term Planning that Intersects with Learning, Coaching, and Accountability
Industry Professionals Provide Context to the Training through Business Tracks
You Create "Living Actions Steps" for Long Term Planning

The Capital Coach

Download PDF

Capital Coach Digital Self-Paced Courses Stepped Processes with Built-In Accountability
How to Use the Capital Coach Get Acquainted with the Coaching Account
How to Navigate the Capital Coach A Couple of Free Courses to Help
What Get’s Measured, Gets Accomplished Track Your Goals, Actions & Achievements

Meet Our Coaches

The Build to Your Exit Program focuses on  5 Business Tracks - get to know the Speakers we have lined up to guide you through each.

These coursework facilitators speak to both industry and organizational experience - collectively they provide significant real world strategies and processes to help you start, grow and cash-out with intention.

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