In the  Digital XceleratorTM , you will experience the guidance of automation intertwined with personal services.  Action-based coaching is the fuel that powers the Action Plans and the Digital XceleratorTM is the roadway that leads to your destination.


Service Plans for All Budgets:

    • Self-Paced Automated Coach
    • Coach On Demand (as needed)
    • Live Coach (weekly sessions)

What is Action Based Coaching?

iBOSS action-based coaching is always on, always relevant and always nudging you toward a successful conclusion. The Digital XceleratorTM  provides 24/7 coaching with full process transparency and team accountability.

Its mission has a definitive conclusion, your deliverable, which is accomplished through pre-constructed business process management solutions built over years of experience and guided by goals, milestones and tasks that generate triggers and reminders to compel action.

Work from Where You Are

    • Web Browser
    • Mobile Phone

Commit to One-Hour Per Day

    • Bite-size Daily Assignments
    • Cost-effective Time Billing
    • Reduce Cost with Early Deliverables

Team & Groups

    • Participate in Coached Teams
    • Monitor Through Group Access

Coaching Portal

Service Plans

Self-Paced  - Automated Coaching

Access Pre-Configured Action Plans to Complete via Automated Tasks & Triggers

Provide a business plan template that incorporates the following: The opportunity, competition, marketing plan, financials, exit strategies and a list of current skill sets.

Coach On Demand - as Needed Coaching

Add-On for Self-Paced Planners to Access Expertise When Needed

 Develop an online database of accredited investors for real estate developers to access when raising capital.

Live Coach - Weekly Coaching Sessions

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