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Objectives Key Results and Initiatives - Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Goals.
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ACT - Action Changes Things

If you want to write action plans that drive results, you need to ensure they are relevant, informative, and timely.
SMART Goals are an easy and effective way to create actionable plans that move you forward.
Get the most out of your goals and objectives by converting them into action items that can be tracked and measured.
Managing a business is a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds.
Milestones and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking is an important part of project management.
Developing a strategic action plan is essential to the success of any organization.
Establishing a template of collaboration, documentation, and recognition is key for your team.
The best action plan is one that changes depending on the organization's needs, whether they are internal or external.

Local Stakeholders Taking Control

The power of community wealth building through the lens of capital democratization.
Effective community wealth building involves engagement by local stakeholders as a source of that business capital.
Learn how to start your own local investment club.
Community Investment Funds are locally pooled investments from individuals, foundations, and social investors.
A real estate revitalization fund is a CIF that takes advantage of an exemption from the Investment Company Act for real estate investments.
The Diversified Opportunity Fund is a great tool that local small business owners can use to refurbish their communities.
PRI is a lesser known but incredibly powerful concept.

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